Honorary Chair ~ Charlie Engle

The UnitedHealthcare NC Marathon is honored to have Charles Engle, Jr. as our honorary chairman for the 2010 race. Charlie is a true renaissance man. He is the father of two boys, a television and movie producer, a world class athlete, a recovering drug addict and a passionate humanitarian.

Charlie’s first marathon was the Big Sur Marathon in 1989. Over his years of racing, he has completed well over 200 marathons, triathlons, adventure races and ultra endurance events. He is regularly ranked as one of the top ultra distance athletes in the world today. In February 2007, Charlie and two teammates became the first people in history to run across the entire Sahara Desert, more than 4500 miles. He averaged more than 42 miles per day for 111 consecutive days while crossing the most forbidding terrain on Earth.


Charlie’s mission in life can be summed up in these three words. For Charlie, these three words remind him that nothing is accomplished by hoping for change in the world. To create change, one must DO SOMETHING NOW!!! Don’t just talk about it, DO SOMETHING NOW!!! This positive approach to life is one of Charlie’s most popular motivational topics for speaking engagements. As a speaker, Charlie relies on his humorous approach to life to energize and motivate his audience.

Charlie’s current focus is to bring long term sustainable clean water solutions to Africa. He has helped to create www.h2oAfrica.org for this specific purpose. To learn more about Charlie, visit his web site.