4 Things to consider before you get your first elliptical trainers

For those in need of a cardio machine that works out more than just your lower body muscles, the elliptical trainers are the perfect fit. The arc movement of the elliptical trainer is as simple as walking or jogging but before you hit on the buy now button here are a few important factors that go into buying the perfect elliptical trainer.

The Budget

For a lot of the buyers especially the newbies getting value for money is important and since elliptical trainers are available in all price ranges it’s important to do your homework right before making any decision.

For occasional users who want to avoid the high cost of the fancy frills, an elliptical trainer between $500-$600 is ideal whereas the high-end models are priced around $1500-$4000 but come with unmatched features and durability.

Resistance and Braking System

One of the most important factors that go into making a buying decision is the resistance and braking system as they impact the price, workout efficiency and durability of the model. Elliptical trainers with an Eddy Current brake system are highly recommended as these use magnets for resistance.

You can control resistance with the press of a button and they are also silent thus proving a convenient option. Lower or mid-range trainers with this system come with a flywheel that weighs around 10-15 pounds whereas the top end models have a heavier flywheel.

Pro Tip: Trainers with heavier flywheels are fluid in motion and if not mentioned, don’t forget to ask about it.

Space available

The space needed to use and store an elliptical trainer varies according to the make and model. Those elliptical trainers with the drive system and flywheel in front are often easy to store and move as they are foldable.

Those models with a drive system and flywheel in the rear are bulkier and cannot be folded. Elliptical trainers with a center drive system have the flywheel on any of the sides and are the most compact of all and can be folded. Also, models with transport wheels are easier to move around.


Irrespective of the make or model a console with an LCD screen is a must. The screen should be clear and big i.e. about 8-10 inches and should display all important workout stats like the calories burned, time spent, etc. from a comfortable distance.

Some mid-range models also come with a cup holder, a built-in fan, an extra tray, reading rack etc. The higher-end models come with a console that is compatible with both Android and IOS devices and has other fancy frills like built-in speakers, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi compatibility and even a wireless heart rate monitor.

Also, most of the models will include about 10-25 inbuilt workout programs to get you started on the right track.

Training School News!


Liz Lindsay, of Janes on the Run, is the UHC NC Marathon Training Coordinator. Her training program for the Marathon and Half Marathon began in November and December, the 5K training started in January. Here are her latest reports:

1/2 Marathon & Marathon School
The 1/2 Marathon & Marathon School is in its 8th week this week…unbelievable! I am so very proud of these 20 women! They have run throughout holiday hub-bub and in sub 20-degree temperatures! Each and every one of them has remained dedicated to their Training and are psyched about the Event!

  • Key Mileages Reached: 7–8–9–10–13! (Remember each woman gets a customized plan, so they are at different points in their running mileages.)
  • Key Lessons Discussed: Endurance Training Basics, Intensity & Pacing, Running Form, Nutrition for Runners, Strength Training & Stretching.
  • Educational Clinics: Gait Analysis, Stretching Basics, and upcoming next Thursday, Dr. Bert Fields will discuss Biomechanics and Injury Prevention.

5K School

This one is just getting up and running! We have 20 women in this School as well. Most of these women are BEGINNING RUNNERS!

This is always so very cool for me; I love training and teaching and motivating new runners, most of whom are so wary of thinking they can accomplish such as task…. And for BEGINNERS to start a NEW and challenging fitness program in Winter is phenomenal!

Our Orientation Meeting was on January 9th. We discussed the format of the school, what there would training involve, and had 2 Educational Clinics: Choosing the Right Shoe and Choosing the Right Running Bra.

We also completed an Initial Running Evaluation on each woman, to help determine an appropriate Training Plan. These ladies are 2 weeks into their School and are doing awesome. Some are running for 2 minutes, some for 10 and some for miles… We’ve also discussed Endurance Training Basics and Intensity.

Virtual Schoolies!

I have one local man, one woman in Raleigh, and one woman from Virginia. We text, talk via phone, and SKYPE each week. (I will meet each of them in person one or more times before Event Day). Each runner is following true to plan and getting the same lessons the LIVE Schoolies get.They each are rocking their running!

The Official 2010 Running Schools Programs Include:

  • Detailed Training Resource Guide
  • Customized training program, based on your current level of fitness
  • Weekly group training sessions, to be held on Saturdays at various Triad locations
  • Weekly informational & motivational emails
  • Educational Clinics presented by community businesses and leaders on topics such as Choosing the Right Running Shoe, Sports Nutrition, Cross Training and Injury Prevention
  • Experienced & supportive coaches
  • Official 2010 Running School technical running shirt
  • School goodie bag
  • V.I. P. treatment & support during your event!

For more Running Schools information, contact Liz Lindsay, UHC NC Marathon Training Coordinator, at 336-402-3985
or visit janesontherun.com

Unable to participate in a “live” School? Ask about our Virtual Training Schools!

Learn more about Liz Lindsay.